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The Herbology Box

The Herbology Box

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The Herbology box is a collection of four 2 ounce volume teas, each carefully curated to match the colors of the Hogwarts Houses! As the teas steep, they will gradually became a red for Gryffindor, a green for Slytherin, a yellow for Hufflepuff, and finally a royal blue for Ravenclaw!

Each blend contains approximately 8-10 servings, allowing you to enjoy multiple Herbology sessions! In addition to the tea/tisanes, the Herbology Box will include a print of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry along with a detailed list of ingredient! Lastly, to make brewing a breeze, there will be a tea spoon to help measure out the ideal amount for each cup!

**Three of the four are herbal blends and the fourth is a green tea/matcha blend with contains caffeine.**

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