A Look Into Our Life

A Look Into Our Life

Note to self: The caterpillar doesn’t just wake up one morning and is suddenly a butterfly - change takes time, it’s a process and a journey.

While I strive to create and grow herb business, and also write my first novel for publication, there are two precocious little boys running around my feet who need and want their mama’s attention. Much of the time that means pushing pause on product photo sessions or other work so I can give piggyback rides, dole out snacks, or enjoy a cozy cuddle session on the sofa.


And I wouldn’t want it any other way.


The sound of giggles and shouts of glee echoing throughout the house while they sing “Johnny Johnny” and “Yes, Papa!” - mimicking Cocoa Melon, keeps me company while I work in the tea room nearby. This on repeat - over and over and over until they come searching for mama to stop and play with them.


Josiah, the youngest, is simply relentless when it comes to demanding my undivided attention. He is not content until I am planted on the floor in front of him, giving him 110%.


I love it! It’s a reminder of how much we need each other. My choice in careers reflects my heart’s desire to be with them, to bear witness to their childhood and becoming little men. This is the inspiration for everything I do.


Inspiration also comes from my mastermind. A mastermind is a group of like-minded people who come together to share and encourage each other in their creative lives. My mastermind group was born out of women who were already very close friends that naturally provided inspiration and encouragement.


After our most recent gathering, I spent the night tossing and turning, my mind racing with ideas that came from our brainstorming. The fire had been fueled and I was ready to try something new!


Wanting to expand beyond the artisan teas I have been creating, and following the inspiration from the group, I tried a new product - tea powder. I’ve long been a fan of Starbucks Pink Drinks. Being a new mom on the go, their drink packets became a necessary favorite. The convenience of delicious pour and shake drinks was exactly what I needed then, and still is on most days. If that’s true for me, I’m sure it is for a lot of other moms.

So I made a healthier version of a berry to-go packet! I don’t usually add tea to my botanicals, but for this recipe I added green tea. It is so delicious it even got approval from my very picky Josiah, who snatched it up from my side while we were playing on the floor. Once he had a taste, he wouldn’t even share with me! Zero sugar and all good stuff for his growing little body - I’m okay with that!


So while it might not feel like I’m making progress every single day in my small business venture, I need to remind myself that the journey counts and having these little boys by my side every step of the way makes it all worthwhile.

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